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November 6th-9th, 2023, IACRR Conference

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International Conference on Coastal Reservoirs and Sustainable Water Management

Nanjing, China    November 6th-9th, 2023

​Theme & Topics


Coastal Reservoirs and Sustainable Water Management: Moving from Water Shortage to Water Security


Coastal infrastructures, climate change

1. Design, construction and operation of resilient coastal water infrastructures 

2. Waterfront developments, urban regeneration and economic appraisal of  coastal developments

3. Climate change, sea-level rise and saline intrusion impacts

4. Case studies: existing and future planned sustainable coastal water infrastructures

Sustainable water management, water security

1. Integrated water resources management from catchment to coast

2. Sustainable water management for mega cities

3. Water harvesting structures and techniques

4. Long term water supply and water security in remote and isolated communities

Ecological impacts, water quality, sediment transport

1. Hydro-environmental and eco-hydrological impact assessment of coastal basins

2. Water treatment processes and wetland systems for pre-treatment

3. Emerging contaminants and impact on urban ecosystems

4. Opportunities for integrating water into the natural and built environment

River, Estuarine and Reservoir processes

1. Interactions of surface water, ground water and seawater

2. Coastal engineering, erosion and environmental impacts

3. River and estuarine sediment transport and morphological impacts

4. Flood impact changes: modelling, mitigation and resilience

Water-energy-food nexus, water policy

1. Progress and challenges with water related UN SDGs

2. Sustainable agriculture, water-food-energy nexus

3. ​Energy generation from coastal barrages and lagoons